Oracle Red Bull Racing Trades Up to the Next Level as Bybit Joins the Charge

GELUMPAI.ID is delighted to announce a partnership with leading cryptocurrency exchange , bringing the power of the digital economy to the Team, in a multi-year agreement that will see take on the role of Principal Team Partner.

Established in March 2018, the cryptocurrency exchange has grown exponentially and now boasts more than six million registered users worldwide. As part of the new agreement, will also join the charge as 's exclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange Partner.

The collaboration will also expand 's mission to grow fan engagement, with taking on the role of Fan Token Issuance Partner and Tech Incubator Partner.

This will see the cryptocurrency exchange not only support the Team with the distribution of its growing digital asset collections but also see and engage with promoting STEM careers and introducing coding to new audiences.

Bybit's core ethos is to support the Next Level of innovation, talent, and technology development – which aligns with 's own ambitions as the Team develops and expands their Technology Campus in Milton Keynes.

The partnership fee will be paid in a combination of cash and BIT, BitDAO's native governance token.

BitDAO is one of the world's largest decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) supporting builders of the decentralized economy, allowing BIT token holders to vote on proposals to foster technologies that present entirely new ways for people to work, engage, and transact together.

Oracle Racing Team Principal and CEO Christian Horner said he delighted to welcome Bybit to the team. It's fitting too that as we enter a new generation of competition of F1 in 2022, with an advanced and potentially game-changing new philosophy of cars taking to the track, that Bybit also exists at the cutting edge of technology.

“They share the Team's passion to exist at the forefront of technological innovation, to set the competitive pace and to disrupt the status quo. Allied to that is Bybit's commitment to enlivening the fan experience in F1 through digital innovation,” Christian said.

He continued, “This is also a key mission for the Team and Bybit's assistance will help us build a deeper more immersive and unique connection with the team for fans around the world.”

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit said Oracle Racing's relentless passion and dauntless resilience inspires them. The team has changed the game in the same way that digital assets have changed the global financial system.

“As a young exchange we connect with Oracle Racing at the core of our values — age doesn't matter, hierarchy is of no significance, and legacy is not what is passed to you but what you make,” said Ben.

Bull or bear, everyone has the opportunity to take financial freedom in their own hands at the dawn of the digital economy. Bybit has found kindred spirit and the perfect harmony of speed, safety and reliability is everything their users are looking for on their platform.

“A moment on the track is made possible by tireless work to perfect the chassis, the engine, the craftsmanship, and by the racing drivers' relentless pursuit for precision and focus in an adrenaline-fuelled game.”




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